Who is Eddie Going?

First of all, thanks for visiting my page!

My name is Eddie Going, I’m 32-years-old and I was born and raised in New York City.

A few of my friends suggested that I start posting the random pictures that I take in NYC onto a blog so that the “world” can see – I love them for suggesting that but was wary about doing it because attention spans are SHOT nowadays and I thought a blog would just be another thing that people would have to visit.

ANYWAY, I never knew it would take off like it did, so I’m glad I took their advice.

ENJOY! And again, thanks for visiting! 🙂


  1. stephanie says:

    what a great forum for you Eddie! Glad you have this as a platform for yourself. Will you post some of your past photos here?

    • EddieGoing says:

      Yes! I want to slowly start posting everything I’ve got so people will continue to visit and see all of the crazy stuff I’ve taken pictures of! Blogs are tough! I hope to see you soon, Stephanie!

  2. Amy says:

    i LOVE this, Eddie! So funny!

  3. su ada says:

    great job eddie… looking forward to more of your crazy pics!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. the mexican says:

    hey buddy…. you rock man!!!! This past tuesday I was on the subway in DC…. there were two things I saw that I couldn’t believe, if I knew you had this blog, I definitely would of taken pix…. I know now!

  5. Keith Tomlin says:

    I’ve been a fan of your cuteness on YouTube for awhile and was excited to see that you set this up!! Enjoying all the shots! Keep it up man!

  6. Susan says:

    Eddie, you are awesome, did anyone ever tell you that?
    Keep up the madness. Hope to see you soon…maybe on the subway…..

  7. Jen says:

    YES!! I am so glad you started the blog 😉

  8. christine says:

    These shots are really funny- hope there is no legal issues. if so i know a really good almost lawyer-

  9. Blinga says:

    Great site. I love it. Keep up the good work. I’m very proud of you, Eddie

  10. Lisa Schneider says:

    Eddis, you’re becoming famous! You may have to do this full time.

  11. Maggie says:

    Glad u told me about this, Eddie. What a blast! Love it. Keep it GOING!!!

  12. googleeyes says:

    edddie hoe did u make a website??

  13. cuz says:

    ummma… first of all nobody like u

  14. jones says:

    most of those pictures are stupid, so what if some one has their bag on their seat?
    If the train is empty, fuck it

    • EddieGoing says:

      obviously the train isn’t empty if i’m able to snap a picture of it happening. it’s become a very “me-me-me-me” society and this website simply documents everyday acts of inconsideration.

      no one should have to ask you to move your $hit. 99% of the time, people DO NOT move their bags when people get on. They only move it when they’re asked.

      thanks for visiting… 🙂

      • toddrick says:


        I’ve been viewing your pictures for some time now and there are many discourteous people on the subway. Especially those whom you describe so well as “door guards”. But I have to partially agree with Jones as I have noticed many of your pictures show mostly empty subway cars. Of course I can’t tell if theses people aren’t moving their things when necessary but If someone leans on a pole when no one else needs it or there are many empty seats and they don’t want to put their bags on the dirty floor then I don’t see it as being inconsiderate. People putting their feet on the seats is different story. And the most inconsiderate people besides the “door guards” are those who use the Emergency Exit doors and set off the shrieking alarms that can potentially damage ones hearing.

        I would be more discriminating regarding the people you are outing though I applaud what you are doing in general.

        • EddieGoing says:


          Firstly, THANK YOU for checking out the blog. It’s turned into something much more than I had imagined it would be.

          To address your concerns…the whole leaning on the pole in general…I’ve seen butts against the pole, food splashed on the pole, sweat on the pole..you name it. I’ve got this thing that I only wanna see the pole being held.

          That said..I get it how sometimes the trains are empty..and all rules should be off. I would sing on an empty train car…but I’d stop if someone got on. 90% of the people who put their bags on the seat or lean on the pole WILL NOT move it even if the train fills up. They have to be asked to move it. And even then, 50% of that 90% will do it BEGRUDGINGLY! 😦

          The above statistics are based on YEARS of subway riding, years of social psych classes…they are valid.

          Thank you SO MUCH for commenting 🙂

  15. ummwhoztalkinz says:

    kk.. datss nicee but

  16. brian moffett says:

    Hi eddie a long time ago when you were young boy living on staten island,I starting workin with your dad in the u know mta i use to drive him to work and he showed me the way in the t a today i ran into your dad i asked how r the kids and everyone doin im happy to see you doin stuff like this i love it i wish you all the best please say hi to your brother and mom brian moffett

    • EddieGoing says:

      Thanks Brian! Your name sounds familiar to me so I know my dad has mentioned you before. Such a small world! Thanks for visiting the blog! As an MTA employee, I’m sure you understand it more than anyone else! LOL


  17. Yvonne says:

    Hilarious. Good stuff. Thank you!

  18. Hans Visser says:

    Enjoying your posts for a very long time already.
    Keep doing this, I really find them great.
    The same shit is happening here in Amsterdam.
    Very recognizable!!!!

  19. Jeff says:

    Just want to say i like the website but i viewed it on my iphone and was sent to the molbile site, everytime i click on something and go back i have to go through all the post i went through already just to get to where i was, ur mobile site sucks

  20. Miggie says:

    About your “how to ride the subway” video: How about the guys who sit with their legs spread, pushing or rubbing against yours, or the readers/ipod/cell phone users [both genders] who MUST have their elbows out, jabbing their neighbors in the ribs – or worse. Those are the most frequent offenders and Eddie doesn’t even mention them. Is he, perhaps, one of them ?

  21. i love u eddie ur so funny need sum more jokes plz

  22. fuck you says:

    I hope you die of cancer

  23. Mikey says:

    I found your blog via NYP. I was in NYC for the first time back in November. I saw some of what you’ve posted, but the sleeping/lounging ones I never saw, but the ones you posted are hilarious!!! Thank you!

  24. Morticia says:

    You said in 2010: ” I’ll give it a shot…. We’ll see how it goes” “Attention spans are SHOT nowadays (I think you made a typo and meant ‘short’). Glad to see you listened to your friends and started your blog!
    Funny, the same behaviour can be found on the subway in Toronto too.

    • EddieGoing says:

      Thanks Morticia!

      I meant Shot as in Shot to Shit! LOL

      Thanks for subscribing — please submit photos! Would love to represent Canada some more! 🙂

  25. Damien B says:

    Pure awesome. Great job Eddie, you deserve the press. Saw they posted GWE on the chive today as well.

  26. Doc C. says:

    In some of the pictures you can clearly tell the train is empty. so what if they take more then one seat. it does not mean that if the need arises for more seats they wont move. I think your just a subway prick, who has nothing better to do.

    • EddieGoing says:

      You’re right – but do you take the train? If you do, then you know very well that when you ask someone to move their belongings, it’s never done without it being an issue. A sigh, a dirty look, a begrudging teeth suck…these are all NO NOs…Don’t be an enabler or an excuse-maker. Be a better subway rider. Thanks for turning in :)!

  27. sneaks says:

    you live a truly worthless existence.

  28. Tina says:

    I just saw you on PIX11 News and I am SO happy people like you exist! I’m pretty sure this entire city has seen me give the eye-roll while on the subway. I’ve considered taking pictures but figured privacy would be an issue, but you my friend are brave. I commend you! Apparently common sense isn’t too common in this city. 🙂

  29. Boyd corke says:

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