Pet Peeves When Dining Out

Wedding Pet Peeves

Last Minute Holiday Gift Idea

How To Speak FAKE Brooklyn-Italian!

Au Bon Pain Pronounciation (Prank Call!)

Hipsters Don’t Live In Williamsburg Anymore!

Intermittent EXPLOSIVE Disorder

A Hipster Hunkers Down (Prank Call!)

Brooklyn Beat Takes Back The Kitchen With Alma Schneider

Nothing Surprises Us Anymore!

Reading Martha Stewart On The Toilet (PRANK)

5 Things You Thought You Knew

Pumpkin Spice Latte (PRANK)

Starbucks Conference Call (PRANK)

Halloween Pet Peeves & Costume Ideas

Pumpkin Picking

Joey & Freddy Music Remix

STFU About Fall Already! OMG


Top Personality Disorders

S’more Pet Peeves!

Mission: Confidential – ENJOY YASELF!

Joey & Freddy @ The Carnival

Happy 4th of July!

Excuses Of 2012 REVISITED

Yo, You Wanna Spot Me, Bro?

Bubble Tea & A Lip Sync

Top 10 Things To Do This Summer

Vaginal Wipes & Public Urination

Winning GHOST: The Musical Lottery

Oscar Winners of 2012 REVEALED!

How To Live Forever!

When Do You STOP Saying HAPPY NEW YEAR?!

Holiday STRESS

Washing Ya Hands After You…

Things to do on a SNOWY DAY

Pet Peeves…continued

Pet Peeves


Earthquake HOAX



Apartment HUNT

Jacob JAVITS Chaos

Special Guest BELLA

Short & Sweet

Brooklyn Beat’s Joey & Freddy In Turks & Caicos

Brooklyn Beat Live & In 3-D

Brooklyn Beat Goes Global!

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Overheard in Brooklyn

Summer Fun

Visiting Brooklyn?

Save a Dime in ’09

Annoying Airplane Travel

  1. Kenny says:

    I stumbled across your stuff on YouTube the other day. Showed it to my partner & our two college aged kids who were home visiting for the holidays. We think these videos are hilarious. Total Eclipse was great & I especially enjoyed the one about the lady you caught singing in the elevator. My partner & I also have twins who just turned four. While too young for most of your stuff, I let them watch Total Eclipse video – absolutely memorized they were.

    • Janine Boguslawski says:

      I love your stuff very funny , like the one on one thing.Im trying to find more so tell aunt Jeanie her friend Jenny needs more I love watching them. I want to see Homer Simpson woman, Jeanie skitsand more of you guys.

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